Day 9 of 21

I did kinda cheat yesterday, as embarrassing as that is to admit.  I sat down after I got home from work and decided to have some some pita chips. They didn’t taste as good as I had fantasized they would and my body rejected them while I was in my Bikram Yoga class, not in the entertaining way of vomit but just by getting nauseous.

When you do Bikram yoga, your body has a way of letting you know that it does not like what you are eating, and you will feel sick in class.  Bikram Yoga pushes your buttons. If you had carbs or meat or a combination of both when you are not used to having those foods, you’re going to have a crappy class and you will get sick.  So I’m grateful for the yoga because it made me sick after I ate carbs and then I was reminded of how clean I feel when I eat raw shakes, soups, and salads.

But yea, today has been good. We got one more day of liquids and then we get to have salads tomorrow.

I feel a little distracted today, maybe that’s because I ate carbs when I wasn’t supposed to. Your mind definitely feels more clear when you eat raw. Not only do you detoxify your body but you also detoxify your mind and you become aware of all the things that bother you, your triggers that make you want to do bad things, eat the wrong things, and hang with the wrong people.

Change is hard in the beginning. When does it get easier? I suppose when our holes and voids close up, we don’t feel like we need anything to make us feel better because we already do feel better. One day that will happen soon. This is the journey to freedom.


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