Day 4 of 21

So today I started my period and I am craving carbs so hard today. I almost bit a piece of pizza but I didn’t. I talked to my boyfriend today and we are planning to see each other in three weeks, so he was like, just wait until we see each other and we will eat pizza. I thought that would be a nice reward. Honestly, I am craving food so bad. I had a mushroom off of the top of the pizza and that was the extent of my giving in. I won’t go further than that.

Why is it so hard today? When I get my period, I feel like a baby. I want to lay around and eat and cry and sleep. Is that so wrong? But anyway, I had two mango ginger shakes this morning, the “easy being green salad” for lunch and some sunflower seeds in the early afternoon. I had a strawberry mint shake when I got home and two mushrooms off the top of a pizza. I know that’s not exactly following the diet but it’s not bread and I’m on my period. Do I get some slack?

Well I’m debating the evening and what to do with it. Tomorrow is my day off work. I’ll have to lock myself away in the library tomorrow. Maybe I should try on some tight fitting pants to motivate myself to stay on track. Good deal? Or torture?

Day 4 is making its way to an end.

But there are still hours left in the day to live. I will remain strong. We are more than halfway through week 1. yay.


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