Day 3 of 21

Why is the beginning of something always the hardest? Change can be difficult especially when you are not used to doing things differently. I have to admit I am often gung-ho about change in the beginning but as challenges come up I eventually cave in and go back to doing what I used to do.

I’ve heard it before that cheese is the hardest addictive food to cut out of your diet because people literally become addicted to it due to the casein which is a property of milk that is there so that babies will become addicted to milk so they can want to drink it so they can grow. Now, cheese has double the casein, and that’s why people go crazy for it. Only problem is we aren’t babies. We are grown already so when we have cheese we just grow fat rather than grow bones and become full sized human beings the way babies are meant to.

I thought I was over cheese but I guess I’m not. During my first two days of dieting, I came in contact with cheese pizza and I am proud to say I haven’t caved in. I had one distraction that I created for myself today: talking on the phone to a friend who I used to love to do bad things with. He is an on again off again alcoholic who has been to rehab multiple times. We used to do wild things together and for some reason today I called him and when I got home I wanted to eat something. But then I got off the phone and realized I didn’t need to go there. I called him for comfort. When I talk to him I want to eat bad shit like pizza or gluten.

I’m breaking my patterns. Day 3 is almost over and tomorrow I get to have an amazing salad for lunch. I have to be honest in saying I feel funny. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been writing as much. I make a lot of time in my day for exercise and working a job I didn’t come here to do. My only saving grace is the third revision of my screenplay, but making the time is the challenge. I could get fat and just sit around and write or I can learn how to balance myself out.

This is the challenge of the day. I am happy to say that I finally washed my car 🙂

Phase 1 of the Ani Phyo diet is all about cleaning out the garbage and making way for new stuff.

Phase 1 is just about over and I’m so happy to begin phase 2 tomorrow. I welcome new challenges in my life. I welcome change.

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