Day 2 of 21

Ughhh! Just got home and had my second snack shake of the day. I was doing really well until I turned on the radio which is why I am convinced there is subliminal messaging encoded in pop songs. I was flipping through the radio stations and suddenly got the urge to eat a sandwich or a piece of bread with avocado. That’s usually one of my favorite snacks when I get home, but I remained strong and opted for one of the day 2 shake smoothies (simple strawberry shake–strawberry, cashews, coconut oil, vanilla, ice, water) It’s good although the strawberries are a little tart. I don’t like that. But still, I am full. Feeling good. Motivated. Today was a little rough for some reason, I suppose because the job I started a month ago has just started to get redundant. That could also be a reason I wanted to eat something–to make myself feel better without actually fixing the problem. And what is the problem? A job that’s redundant, not actual hunger.

Oh, if you are wondering why I’m doing 21 days of cleansing? Well, it’s because I’m following Ani Phyo’s book “Fat blast” which has a plan for 15 days of cleansing, but if you need to lose more than 10 pounds, she recommends you repeat the first week of the diet plan, then move onto the next. So that’s what I’m doing. Yea, I need to lose more than 10 pounds, so that’s what I’m doing. Three weeks. And I finally bought the book which is such a valuable addition to my very select book library. I don’t keep a book unless it’s absolutely essential, which is interesting for me to say because I have a bunch of books in my car that I’ve saved from college that I haven’t used for years. Louise Hay has said that if you own something that you haven’t used for six months, you need to get rid of it. Holding onto old things just clutters your mind. I totally agree and I don’t keep stuff, but I have some books that I haven’t parted with. Maybe now is the time.

And maybe I might just get my car washed while I’m at it. Ani Phyo says that if you are thinking about eating food during the first phase of the diet which involves drinking liquid shakes and soups as meals for three days, you can clean stuff in your house or car or go for a walk. For me, I think it’s time to clean the car and get rid of old books.

Or take a nap. We’ll see.


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