Day 1 of 21

Oh damn, I think I’m going to do this differently by blogging when I get home from work as opposed to blogging when I wake up and have full aspirations to have a wonderfully raw, clean day. I woke up and worked out then prepped my soup and two shakes to take with me to work and didn’t have time to write, so I thought I would write when I got home. Actually, I didn’t even think of writing because I’m slowly finding myself wanting to fall off the wagon. The writing is keeping me strong. Usually when I get home, I feel like lounging around and doing nothing but usually eating something that I can chew and watching a movie or something just to unwind. But I decided not to do that. I really wanted to chew something when I got home today, but got inspired after looking on my FB to see my favorite Bikram Yoga teacher in Los Angeles had re-posted a blog by this woman who was inspired to blog after taking Bikram Yoga for the first time.

I thought, well, can’t forget about my blog and my aspirations now can I?

Because for the next month I will be undistracted by birthdays, visiting friends, or any other distractions that can deter me from my diet. I have nowhere to go, no one to see. I still haven’t figured out how to be social and raw at the same time, but I’m sure one day I will. I suppose it may have something to do with me being a natural introvert and not really liking to be out with people all the time. I usually eat or drink to distract myself from the situation I don’t like to be in. And that’s the best way I can diagnose my current situation with social interactions and raw food.

Well, maybe that will be the new affirmation. If I really want to change my behavior pattern, I can create a new affirmation that involves me changing my ability to be raw and social at the same time. So, now I will say to myself: I am willing to release the need to eat unhealthy food and drink alcohol when I’m in social situations. I’m fine the way I am. I stay raw.

Man, today I did some research on pasteurized milk because my mom didn’t know what that meant, and it inspired me to stay raw as well. Well, pasteurization involves basically heating up milk so that the germs will be killed and in doing so, the nutrients in milk are also killed so you aren’t really getting nutritional value due to the pasteurization process. Ughh. So, people can treat cows horribly and be dirty as they want because the pasteurization nukes out all the blood, puss, and germs that goes into milk. But we’d never know when looking at that white cream that people praise so much and depend on for sustenance.

I know I did. When I first became a vegetarian, I relied on milk and cheese for protein. I was 15 years old. I didn’t know a damn thing. All I knew was I didn’t want to eat meat anymore. But now as I am an older vegetarian, I’ve done extensive research and being vegetarian/vegan is not just about looking good or avoiding meat, it’s about animal rights and health.

Anyway, this is what I’m like in the afternoon. I write more. I’m more awake and since I’m not doing anything bad like eating chips or pizza, I’m writing about why I’m passionate about healthy eating and living. It is our responsibility to ourselves and to our environment to eat right and maybe one day everyone will get with it.

Maybe one day people will get sick enough that they choose to start eating right and change their lives. It all starts with imbalance. That’s why I got to where I am now.

Anyway, today is day 1 of my 21 day cleanse and I’m feeling okay. It’s been tough. They had pizza at work today and I sat there with my cold raw soup smelling the aroma of cheese and bread and sauce. And then I cleared my throat to remove the phlegm buildup I accumulated over the past three days while my friend was visiting and was reminded that I had phlegm because I ate pizza. Yup. Cheese will do that to you.

And I choose to be clear of phlegm and grateful for nutritional yeast and its amazing ability to have a nutty almost cheese-like taste.

I know I’m strong and I can do this. No distractions. No excuses.


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